App Features

FoPark's intelligent system records information regarding when the car was parked in a spot, how long was it parked and when it left the spot. This data is presented to the users in the mobile App and the website in an intuitive and easy to use layout.

  • The Mobile App accurately displays occupancy information for each lot
  • The App presents a lot map clearly indicating open and occupied spots
  • It provides search capabilities by destination name or address and presents optimal parking suggestion based on availability
  • Integrated with google maps or other third party map applications to provide directions to the lot
  • Displays permits and paid-parking status information
  • App Features
  • Parking Management

    FoPark puts the control back in the hands of the parking manager/owner allowing for effective management and maximum utilization of all parking facilities.oPark puts complete control in the hands of the parking lot owner or manager, allowing for improved efficiency and precision monitoring of how a lot or deck is being utilized.

    • Our robust reporting dashboard provides accurate real-time reports to parking managers
    • The dashboard provides occupancy and average parking time to help managers improve their lot efficiency
    • Our statistical reports with historical information allows managers to optimize pricing based on daily and hourly usage
  • Parking Management
  • Easy Installation

    The installation process is similar to mounting security cameras in a parking lot or to a building structure. We will work with your existing infrastructure and minimize the disruption to the usage of the lot, as we wquip you with state-of-the-art technology.

    • Cameras are easier to install compared to ground based sensors
    • There is no digging of the asphalt or expensive construction work causing delays in installation and revenue loss
    • We will install our cameras using existing light poles or other structures near the parking lot
  • Easy Installation